Khuong Duy is one of the largest and most prestigious pharmaceutical distribution companies in Vietnam according to the evaluation and reports of BTC Vietnam Report continuously for many years.

The company was established in 1995 in Vietnam operating in the field of pharmaceutical distribution. We focus on distributing pharmaceutical products manufactured by Stellapharm Company - the first European-standard pharmaceutical factory (EU-GMP) in Vietnam, and at the same time distributing imported products and vaccines. Xin – medical biological products.

Up to this point, with the completion of the nationwide distribution system, it can be affirmed that after 25 years of continuous construction and development, Khuong Duy has affirmed its position as a reputable and potential distributor in the world. Vietnam's pharmaceutical distribution market, a market with great potential but also full of difficulties and complications.



Taking the motto "people are the most valuable resource" and is an important factor determining the success or failure of an enterprise, the Board of Directors of the Company regularly organizes training courses to promote professional competence, ethics, and moral character. professional ethics, sense of responsibility to society and the community to meet the necessary needs to maintain and develop the company's prosperity with the goal of "Developing with partners".

Khuong Duy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd specializes in distributing finished drugs and vaccines - medical bio-products with a strong and nationwide distribution network.

Currently, Khuong Duy is trading more than 200 pharmaceutical products. Besides distributing pharmaceutical products, Khuong Duy is now well known through the line of immunobiological products from Green Cross Corporation (Korea) and Kedrion S.p.A (Italy). KD's position in this specialty market is increasingly consolidated and developed.

Currently, with the stability of supply, quality as well as price, Khuong Duy has gained the trust of treatment facilities and is evaluated as one of the leading distributors of biological products in the whole country. water with special treatment products such as Hepabig, IV Globulins.



Our company is aiming to be a pioneer in the field of distribution and supply of essential medicines with high quality standards to meet the needs of public health care.a

Khuong Duy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd aims to provide domestic pharmaceutical products and imported products with high quality and reasonable price suitable for Vietnamese consumers.

As one of the successful pharmaceutical companies, thanks to the oriented values ​​​​based on "Social Responsibility" and thanks to the attention to the "People" factor.

Sustainable development based on belief in Creativity, Competence and Responsibility

We take quality improvement as the foundation to achieve economic benefits. In this way, we believe in the Creativity, Workability and Responsibility of each member of the Company.

All of our employees strive to put the "people" factor at the center of all activities. Each of our employees feels part of the society and finds meaning and joy in the work they are doing.

Thoroughly comply with all legal principles to fulfill social responsibilities well. We are committed to obeying the law and becoming a member of society.

All for the patient

Safety, Quality and Reasonable Price are always our top concerns. To fulfill these commitments, we have the ambition to satisfy the satisfying needs of high quality medicines of our patients.

Khuong Duy is committed to providing customers with fairness, trust and open attitude. During the time of doing business at the Company, we always support doctors and pharmacists to keep the loyalty of patients. This is the difference between us and other companies.

Commitment to contribute to social activities

With the motto "Developing with partners", we pay special attention to prestige with customers, responsibility to society. We often organize medical examination and treatment programs and participate in sponsoring social health programs, organize customer meetings to synthesize your comments to improve the quality of life. improve and develop stronger.



  • 1995

    July 1995, Khuong Duy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd abbreviated KD Pharma was officially established.

  • 2000

    Khuong Duy decided to invest in establishing a company manufacturing modern medicines named M.S.T (later to become Stellapharm Joint Venture) with 100% investment capital of Khuong Duy.

  • 2007

    Has been recognized as one of the Top 500 largest private enterprises in Vietnam in terms of revenue as assessed by BTC VNR500 Program.

  • 2018

    Khuong Duy was recognized in the Top 3 most prestigious pharmaceutical enterprises in Vietnam (according to VN Report's assessment).

  • 2020

    Khuong Duy's revenue exceeds 2,000 billion.




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